Lieutenant General Andrei Botsev
Republic of Bulgaria, Chief of Defense


Dear reader of the first issue of the revived BULGARIAN MILITARY THOUGHT MAGAZINE,

As we are well aware, the Armed Forces of the Republic of Bulgaria have been called upon to guarantee the sovereignty, security and independence of the country and protect its territorial unity. For that purpose, they have been entrusted with functions and responsibilities, requiring sufficient knowledge and thought in view of the organization, activities and management of the complete and complex defense system of the country at each possible level. They need competent people, fully devoted to their strenuous mission. They need self-confident and well respected people.

As Chief of Defense, I admire all new ideas facilitating the development of the Armed Forces, the personnel motivation, the promotion of our essential activities among our fellow countrymen. That is why I cannot help sharing my greatest respect to those who give the chance for a new life of the existing throughout 1934-1943 BULGARIAN MILITARY THOUGHT MAGAZINE. I believe in the power of the word “renaissance”! I believe in the power of the continuity. I believe that, as before, the pages of the BULGARIAN MILITARY THOUGHT will be full of reason. I sincerely hope that the issue will offer invaluable information facilitating us in our development and expertise in our respective fields, as commanders and leaders; moreover, in the keeping of our patriotic flame alive.

Bulgarian military personnel needs such a platform, on which they can share ideas on the evolution of our army, discuss the necessary and possible ways of development, be able to learn from the experience of the state and military strategic leaders of the past, as well as from our national heroes’ inspiration. Bulgarian soldier needs a forum which can encourage us to present own expert opinions supported with arguments in relation to military art and national security.

Dear members of the editorial staff,

I cannot imagine a better editor for the periodical BULGARIAN MILITARY THOUGHT than Rakovski National Defense College, the scientific and educational institution which for 105 years has been the symbol of quality and education in the field of security and defense, a prominent school of patriotism and personal traits building in the Bulgarian military commanders, distinguishing them in peace and war time, giving substance to the notions of duty and honor.

Thank you for your tireless work for the creation of the modern electronic platform, a meeting point of the thinking, theoreticians, analysts, practitioners, historians, patriots…maybe disagreeing but definitely biased towards the national security of the country.

I wish that you create a vast and fruitful contribution field for the military science and expertise community, where deserving and memorable ideas, theories and concepts are created. I wish that you take and assert your position among the Bulgarian and international online forums. I wish that you attract some new and faithful followers of the Defense of the Country cause. And most of all have inquisitive and thinking readers, inspiring you with their high requirements and knowledge!

Good luck!



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