Code of Conduct

General overview of the journal’s philosophy of existence

Bulgarska voenna misal is online scientific journals in  ”G. S. Rakovski” National Defence College. The leading principles are objectivity, impartiality and scientific approach to any topic.

The major intention of the journal is the intention of spreading knowledge and results from the scientific research work, theories, concepts and achievements in education and training in the area of defence and security sector.

The National Defence College and the editorial board are committed to meeting and upholding standards of ethical behaviour at all stages of the publication process. The cornerstones of our policy are – no plagiarism, no fraudulent data, correct citation of sources of information and references, zero tolerance to publishing a research in our journal if it has already been published somewhere else.

Responsibilities of the editorial board

Editorial board is responsible for everything published in the journal. The members of the editorial board are expected to:

  • accept or reject articles;
  • publish materials in support to education and training in the area of security and defence;
  • make the journal accessible for the society and open for feedback;
  • ensure the quality of the material they publish;
  • provide academic freedom of expression;
  • maintain the integrity of the academic record;
  • preclude business needs from compromising intellectual standards;
  • always be willing to publish corrections, clarifications, retractions and apologies when needed;
  • treat reviewers articles confidentially and keep their anonymity;
  • make sure that there is no conflict of interest or plagiarism;
  • enhance and encourage the objectivity and accountability of the peer reviewing.

Author’s responsibilities

  • authors must declare that the material provided has not been published in another journal, where portions of the content overlap with published or submitted content, to acknowledge and cite those sources;
  • authors are responsible for the correct citations and usage of references and sources;
  • authors are responsible for maintaining accurate records of data associated with their submitted manuscript, and to supply or provide access to these data, on reasonable request;
  • authors are responsible for keeping their articles free of plagiarism;
  • authors must declare any potential conflicts of interest.

Responsibilities for the reviewers

  • Reviewers should be objective in their judgments;
  • State any potential conflict of interest that might influence their judgment;
  • Reviewers must be sure that the data has been used correctly, cited appropriately and if necessary to require proof for authenticity;
  • Reviewers’ articles should be treated confidentially.

Dealing with unethical behavior

  • Cases of plagiarism, conflict of interest, data fraud or any other unethical behavior may be identified and brought to the attention of the editorial board and publisher at any time, by anyone;
  • Unethical behavior should be considered any case which is not in line with the overall philosophy of existence of the journal or responsibilities defined above;
  • Anonymous signals are not tolerated and will be left without any consequences;
  • Investigation is initiated by the chief editor and conducted by the ethical board to the Academic council of the National Defence College;
  • No allegation is allowed before having sound proof and evidence;
  • If the unethical author is a member of the academic community of the National Defence College the ethical code of the college is applied. If the author is not from the college he/she is informed not to send articles for publishing in the Bulgarska voenna misal any more.